We are simply a family of soccer enthusiasts that could not live with the game slowly getting further away from us as we age. All our coaches are currently volunteers, and we give our time to see soccer continue to grow consciously in our community. We take pride in seeing our members not only remain healthy and in proper soccer shape, but also actually continue to develop as soccer players beyond their youth years. We have players able to play at an intermediately competitive level that kicked a ball for the first time only a year ago. We also have former professional players like Daniel Steres (starting center back for L.A. Galaxy) who have graced our organization with their presence and have come away with a memorable experience. Dozens of nationalities gather here at UFA. All the players that have taken the field with us comprise our family.

United Football Academy (UFA) is a Los Angeles County-based soccer training non-profit academy for people of all ages focused on improving the lives of those most in need through education in leadership, interconnectedness and culture.

Soccer is unique in that each player is intrinsically connected to the other players on his/her team for a span of 45 minutes at a time. There are no time outs, there is no coach calling plays, there is only the dynamic an individual has with his or her collective. The slightest action on one side of the pitch has a direct effect on the other side of the pitch. Thinking and moving away from center of the action is just as important as moving with the ball. This inherent interconnectedness is largely responsible for the success of a team. The players must view their team as one unit and every action taken by a player ought to be for the success of the unit as a whole. UFA makes this understanding the cornerstone of its program. Being conscious of the interconnectedness of the game and acting selflessly are fundamental skills commonly overlooked in traditional soccer instruction, however, we at UFA see it as the difference between a merely talented player and team and a truly great player and team.

From a cultural perspective, this interdependence permeates the supporters of the game and unites them in a common culture of soccer. People feel connected to each other, their club and their sport, creating a culture around soccer ripe with epic stories and songs. UFA focuses on these key concepts in order to create a much needed soccer culture in the U.S. It cements our mantra “when all are one, all is won.”

United Football Academy is a labor of love born out of the genuine passion to fulfill our mission and to help people achieve their highest potential through unity.  We depend on charitable contributions to continue to pursue our vision. All donations are 100% tax deductible. We humbly thank you for your generosity.

UFA offers soccer training for adults of all levels. We also currently have 6 competitive adult teams that play recreationally in different divisions according to their level. We partner with Hollywood FC to incorporate youth development and add a continued track for them beyond club, youth soccer. We also partner with L.A. Villa F.C. who offer opportunities for women to play in a semi-professional setting.